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  1. Expand the Filter screen area.

  2. Under Available Characteristics, select one or more characteristics which you want to use as a category characteristic or as a drilldown characteristic, and choose Add to Filter.

    Under Active Filter Characteristics, the values of the respective characteristics are displayed.

  3. Under Active Filter Characteristics, select the values which you want to use as filter criteria.

    Example Example

    If the characteristic is the shipping point you can select 0002 - Shipping Point Paris and 0004 - Shipping Point Marseille and perform a trend analysis based on those two shipping points only.

    End of the example.

    Caution Caution

    As the configuration user you have to select the filter criteria according to the business requirements of the end user. Ensure, for example, that personal data is accessible only to authorized users.

    End of the caution.
  4. In the Category Dimension field, select the characteristic you want to use as the category characteristic.

  5. Optional: Depending on the setup, you can select a drilldown dimension in the Drilldown Dimension field.

    For more information, see Setting Up Monitoring Objects.

    Note Note

    Drilldown dimensions are not supported for the Age Analysis.

    End of the note.