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The copy moves a large volume of data and requires considerable storage and machine resources.

Depending on the data involved and the system configuration, the most likely errors are listed below, together with the steps required to correct them.

Error Handling in Client Copy and Transport





Write error in the target client

usually insufficient space in the database or simultaneous processing in target client

Check the system log to determine the name of the tablespace. Extend the tablespace and repeat the copy. You do not have to delete it first.

Do not work in either the source or target client during the copy.

System log messages:

Syn. MC maintenance deactivated fully

Buffer TABL/TABLP reset

Table logging



These messages document special functions that are used to improve performance and guarantee consistency.

Termination in an exit program (the termination is explained in an ABAP runtime error).


Run the log display RSCCPROT to determine the name of the last exit program that caused the termination.

The client copy program has not crashed, this is an application error.

Unexplained cancellation or error



  • Copy log (SCC3)
  • SysLog (SM21)
  • Dump analysis (ST22)

and possibly:

  • Job overview (SM37)
  • Spool (SP02)

See note 22514 for further error analysis tips