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Procedure documentation Displaying Copy Logs  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


  1. Choose Administration ® System administration ® Administration Client admin. Copy Logs.
  2. The system displays a list of all client copies in which the logon client was the target client. You can go to the overviews of the copies in other clients, the ĄCopies from Transport Request" (SCC1) and the client exports from the system.

  3. When you select a copy, you get a log summary with the following information:


Double-click on highlighted entries for further information.

  1. For further details of the run, choose Details. You get a selection list in which you can get information about the copied tables (e.g. runtime and number of entries copied) and the exit programs from other application components used.
  2. If you had tables with copy problems in a local or remote client copy, you can recopy them with the Recopy Errors function.
  3. You can display the original log in the file system with the File Log pushbutton. You can also display the export and import logs of the main transport request (<sid>KT<no>).