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Procedure documentation Copying Clients Between Systems  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


        The same product is installed, with the same release, in both systems.

        All components in these systems, including add-ons, have the same development status.


If you experience problems copying from another system, see the SAP note 557132.



       1.      Choose Administration System Administration  Administration Client Admin. Client Copy Remote Copy.

       2.      Select a copy profile.

       3.      Enter the RFC destination.

       4.      Make an RFC system comparison if necessary.

       5.      Setup the parallel process parameters.

       6.      Start the Copy.


The client copier can copy a client into another system. The systems can be on different platforms. You can change the client number.


When you copy a client from one system to another, the data is transferred directly via the RFC interface - there is no intermediate storage on hard disk.


Codepage conversions are performed automatically, as far as technically possible.


Do not use the same client as the source for several copies or client transports at the same time.

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