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Copying Clients Within the Same System


       1.      Choose Administration System administration  Administration Client admin. Client Copy Local Copy.

       2.      Select a copy profile.

       3.      Enter the source client.

If you are copying users with other data, you can select a separate source client for the user. The authorization profiles are still copied with the customizing.

If the selected profile and source client are to be your standard values, choose Profile Save Profile Instance.

       4.      Setup the parallel process parameters.

       5.      Start the Copy.

Improving client copy performance: Excluding data

You can improve the performance of the client copy by, for example, by excluding tables or packages, with Edit Expert Settings.

You can exclude tables from the client copy, for example if they are not relevant for the target client, in the Tables tab. For further information about excluding tables from the client copy, choose the Help button in the expert settings.

For further information about expert settings in the client copy, see the SAP note 446485.

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