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In BW reporting in test management, you analyze BW-relevant test plans through time. This is based on the test plan structure, which contains all test cases assigned in the business process hierarchy. BW reporting can analyze a lot of large test plans.

BW-based reporting uses web templates basd on BEx Web applications, which display data graphically or in tables. The data is from the time of the last data extraction. You call the web templates in the BW system, where you apply detailed queries to the data.

You format the information for your analysis, in graphical and tabular form, by adjusting and fine-tuning it with attribute filters at various levels, and by expanding attributes.You use the filters listed, or the context menu functions. For example, you can combine several attributes to extend the scope, for a higher resolution of your data, and then filter by attribute values. Each filter restricts the data displayed, and affects further filters.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Expansion and filter selection


BW reporting prerequisites:

  • You are authorized to call and perform BW-basd reporting in Test Management. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  .

  • You have configured a BW system, and made the settings required for BW-based reporting in test management. You have performed the basic SAP Solution Manager configuration. For further information see Configuration of BW-Based Reporting in Test Management.

  • If you have specified your own message priorities or message status definitions in the SAP Solution Manager system, you have also made these settings in the BW system. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Test Management   BW-Based Reporting  .

  • You have assigned your Test Workbench objects to a release status schema in which the required status information is marked as BW-Relevant. For more information, see Assigning Release Status Schemas to Test Workbench Objects.


You can use the following reports:

  • Status Report:

    You get an overview of the status of test cases at a certain time. By default, the system uses the date of the last data extraction as a filter.

  • Progress Report:

    You get an overview of the progress of the test case status information over a specified period. By default, the system uses the last 30 days as a filter.

  • Message report by priority and processing status:

    You get an overview of the number, priority and processing status of messages at a specified time. By default, the system uses the date of the last data extraction as a filter.

    You can filter the list of relevant messages, by double-clicking on a processing status or priority, in the graphic.

  • Test effort report:

    You get an overview of the distribution of test cases and their statuses, and the planned and actual test effort across time.


You can call the BW reporting from the following views in the Test Management work center:

  • Test Evaluation

    Select the test plans, and choose the report and the predefined filter.

  • Reports

    Choose the BW report.

The system opens the web template in the BW system. You can analyze your data with queries.