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You can monitor the test progress in your project, according to test requirements and objects, with the Test Results for Business Requirement Documents report. You can, for example, show which test cases are assigned to the business requirement documents, and what status the tests have.

The report is in the transaction Solution Manager: Report (transaction SOLAR_EVAL), under   Project   Test   Test Results for Business Requirements Documents   Test with IBM Rational Quality Manager  .


  • You have assigned documents and objects in the Business Blueprint (or Configuration) and passed the data to IBM Rational Quality Manager.

  • You have created a test project in IBM Rational Quality Manager.

  • You have assigned test cases to the documents transferred and the test objects in the IBM Rational Quality Manager.

  • The test cases have been performed, and the results documented in the IBM Rational Quality Manager. The test results have been synchronized with SAP Solution Manager, in IBM Rational Quality Manager.



Selection Criterion


Project Structure

Selection of substructures or structure elements to be analyzed

Project Team Member

Specify project team members

Object attributes

Enter attributes as in the Transfer to IBM Rational Project tab; test objects and test object type.

Request, Keywords

Enter test request keywords

Keywords (administration)

Keywords which you defined in the project administration and assigned in the project structure

End User Roles

Enter role types and end user roles

Test result attributes

Enter test attributes to be analyzed

Output Test Results

You can double-click on one of the test results displayed in SAP Solution Manager. You go to the detailed analysis in the IBM Rational Quality Manager system.

More Information

For further information about Test Management and Test Reports, see   <current release>  .