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Procedure documentationAdding Users to a Transport Request Locate this document in the navigation structure


  • A transport request has the status Modifiable in the request list in Transport Organizer Web UI.

  • You are logged onto the system with a user that is authorized to create requests.

  • The user that you want to add to the transport request is registered in the system.


  1. In the request list in Transport Organizer Web UI, select the transport request to which you want to add additional users. Then chose the Team tab page in the transport request details. Here you can see all users who have already been added.

  2. To add a user, choose Add User.

    The Add User to Request dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the user name of another user. If you want to preselect this request for the applications of the new user for the applications, select the Preselected Request flag. Then choose Add. The new user appears in the user list.