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Transport-controlled distribution using several transport requests in the target system requires the controlled assignment of target requests to source requests. This allows you to synchronize the customizing data of a transport request in the source system, with transport requests in the target systems and client.

The assignment only applies to open requests in the source and target systems; released requests are no longer offered for assignment.

There can only be one active assignment pair per system-client combination, i.e. one source and one target request with the status „open“.

The assignment must be transport request type-specific, i.e. you can only assign customizing requests to customizing requests and workbench requests to workbench requests. You need workbench requests to distribute cross-client customizing.

If necessary, you can assign several source requests to a target request; but not vice versa.


Automatic distribution with minimal administrator/user intervention

By default, i.e. without previous assignment of source and target transport requests, Customizing Distribution uses the first open target request in which the user has an open task. If no such request is found, the user is prompted to create and assign a request or task. The correct project is proposed automatically.

Assign requests centrally before Customizing Distribution

This option is appropriate if the transport requests are to be assigned centrally by an administrator.


For project-specific distribution, the requests to be assigned have been assigned to the customizing projects in the source and target system.

To make assignments, the user must have at least one task in the source and target transport requests.


       1.      Choose an active distribution by double-click in the customizing distribution setup.

       2.      Choose Edit Assign Transport Requests.
The source and target systems and clients of the selected project open requests in the source and target systems, and existing assignments of open transport requests for the system-client combination are displayed.

       3.      Choose the target request to assign, in the Requests in Target System box, and Drag and Drop it from the folder icon to a request in Requests in Source System.

User request assignment during Customizing Distribution

       4.      If your use scenario does not allow complete central assignment of transports, for organizational reasons, the user can make the assignment during Customizing Distribution, or it can be made automatically. If you have selected the option Always Confirm Target Request with Edit Expert Settings, in the Customizing Distribution detail screen, you can help the customizers to select the correct target request. The request is assigned as follows:

       5.      Option is active

       6.      If the user has a free request with an appropriate free task in the target system, it is assigned automatically in the background. Otherwise he can select or create a request in a dialog.

       7.      Option is not active

       8.      If the user has a free request with an appropriate free task in the target system, it is assigned automatically in the background. If the user has no task in the free request, he can select a transport request in a dialog. If there is no target request, a check is made whether the user in the target system is assigned to another open request, and if so it is assigned in the background. If the check does not find another open target request, you can select another target request in a dialog.

Put the developments in several source requests into one target request

Proceed as described under Assign Request Centrally before Customizing Distribution, or Assign Request during Customizing Distribution, to make multiple assignments.


The assigned request appears in the transport request assignment under the selected option. Transport assignments which are made during Customizing Distribution appear in the transport request assignment overview.


Once you have saved, you cannot cancel or delete the assignment. If a request has been incorrectly assigned, you can overwrite the assignment with a new request.


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