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This view lists the SAP EarlyWatch Alert sessions carried out for a solution in a specific period of time.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is an automatic diagnostic service that the SAP Solution Manager uses to monitor SAP and non-SAP systems. In this service, data is sent at regular intervals from the production system to the SAP Solution Manager, which analyzes and evaluates the data. The objective of this service is to identify possible problems early, avoid bottlenecks and monitor system performance.

In this view, you can filter sessions according to criteria or access them individually. You can create a report in Word format or display it as an HTML report. You can also see the current ratings (red – very critical error, yellow – critical error/warning, green – no errors) of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert sessions carried out. You can change session data.


  1. You have made the necessary settings in the SAP Solution Manager customizing for the following areas:

    • Service Data Control Center (SDCCN)

    • SAP EarlyWatch Alert

  2. You have set up your systems in a solution landscape in the SAP Solution Manager.


Display SAP EarlyWatch Sessions

You can filter SAP EarlyWatch Alert sessions by certain criteria. Enter the filter criteria, and choose Find. The sessions that match your search criteria are listed.

Display and Edit Session Details

To display the details, select a session. The Details tab is in the detail area. If attachments are available for a session, the Attachments tab also appears.

  • Details tab

    This tab contains the session ID, a short description, the rating, the solution ID and the name of the session. It also contains the Display HTML Report link. For further information, see Creating Ratings and Reports below.

  • Attachments tab

    On this tab, you can see if there are attachments for the session. For each attachment you can see the document type, the creation date, the name of the user and a description of the document. If you click on the document number, a dialog box in which you can open or save the document, opens.

If you click on the name of a session in the list, you go to that session. You can edit the session details here, if necessary. For more information see Displaying Session Details under Creating Reports and Displaying Session Details.

Creating Ratings and Reports
  • To create a report in Word format, choose Create Report. A report on the session is then displayed in Microsoft Word. This session report in Word format contains all the information relating to the session. You can print it or use it as a verification document.

  • To display an HTML report, choose the link Display HTML Report on the Details tab. A detailed HTML report about the EarlyWatch Alert session appears, with information about key performance indicators, a workload and performance analysis, exception and change analysis, and the documentation of the changes to the system landscape.