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You can add systems whose settings and parameters you check regularly, to the Favorites. You can subsequently remove systems that are no longer relevant.


You are working in the System Monitoring work center.


Add to Favorites

You are in the active query with the systems that you want to add to your favorites. For a system to appear in the Favorites, select the system and choose   Favorites   Add to Favorites  .

Remove from Favorites

You can remove systems from the favorites from every active query. Select the system and choose   Favorites   Remove from Favorites  . The system disappears from the active Favorites query.

Note Note

For you to be able to remove a selected system from the favorites while you are in an active query, the system must already be in the favorites.

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Managing Favorites

You get an overview of your favorites and can manage them by certain criteria.

  1. You can go to this application as follows:

    • In the active query, choose   Favorites   Manage Favorites  .

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    A dialog box appears.

  2. You generate a list of systems which you can filter by solutions, system types, and system components.

  3. You can manage your favorites as follows:

    • To add a system to your favorites, select a system and choose Add to Favorites.

    • To remove a system from your favorites, select a system and choose Remove from Favorites.

  4. To update the Favorites query, save your entries.