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The Change and Transport System (CTS) provides you with tools for recording the changes you make to Repository objects and Customizing objects, and for distributing these changes within the system landscape. The CTS offers the team members of a software development or implementation project transactions in the SAP System and programs at the operating system level.

The Transport Organizer provides functions for creating, documenting and releasing change requests during the Customizing and development process. The Transport Organizer is designed specifically for use by the development team and the project managers of a development or implementation project.

The Transport Management System (TMS) supports administrators in organizing, performing and monitoring imports. The TMS also helps you to set up your system landscape, particularly the configuration of the transport routes.

The transport tools tp and r3trans are programs at the operating system level. They do not usually have to be executed by the user directly since they are called automatically by the CTS. The transport tools communicate with the SAP System and the database, and export and import requests.