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You have created extractors. To configure them, you can, for example, specify RFC connections and execution intervals.


You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


Caution Caution

Changing the configuration of an existing extractor can affect its functioning.

Only change the configuration of an existing extractors in consultation with SAP support.

End of the caution.
  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose Extractor Framework.

  3. Choose the Status tab.

  4. Choose the Extractor Framework tab.

  5. Select the extractor.

    The extractor information is displayed.

  6. Choose the Extractor Details tab.

  7. Go to the Configuration tab.

  8. Choose Expert Mode.

  9. Adjust the values under Standard Configuration and Additional Configuration.

    • Source RFC Destination: You specify the RFC destination of the monitored system in which the extractor collects the data.

    • Period: Specify the execution interval in minutes.

    • Collection Interval: You can collect data subsequently, if it is still in the system. Specify the maximum subsequent update period in hours.

      Note Note

      This function is not possible for all extractors. You usually use this function in consultation with SAP support.

      End of the note.
    • Configuration Character Sequence: If you created the extractor, you can specify an extractor-specific character sequence, for example, to tell the extractor to get additional informationen, in debug mode.

    • Target RFC Destination: You specify the RFC destination of the system in which the SAP NetWeaver BW or database is installed, into which the data loader uploads the collected data.

  10. Save your entries.