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Procedure documentationWorking with the Custom Code Quantity App Locate this document in the navigation structure


This app checks the number of custom code objects in the system.


The object types (programs, transactions, etc.) are defined in the back-end system.


To work with the Custom Code quantity app, proceed as follows:

  1. Define the thresholds for the red (indicating more than 8,000 objects) and yellow (indicating between 2,000 and 8,000 objects) objects. The Reset button resets the values to the default.

  2. When you click the Apply button, you can see the total objects on the right side, and by clicking the Object Type button, you can see a list with the different object types and the number of CC objects for each type.

  3. You can display a weekly or monthly history of changed objects:

    • If the number of changed objects is down, the History button is red.

    • If the number of changed objects is stable, the History button is yellow.

    • If the number of changed objects is up, the History button is green.

More Information

To set the threshold values, see Configuring Custom Code Management Apps