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When you import transport requests into the quality, preproduction, and production systems using the task-list of the project (transaction SCMA), the system imports all transport requests contained in the queue, regardless of the status of the change document. Using the status-dependent import, you can import transport requests into systems with specific roles, depending on the status of the change documents.

Example Example

After carrying out all required activities for an urgent change, the change document is in status "Successfully Tested". The Change Manager needs to change the status to "Authorized for Import". Technically, if your project is in the test phase, the transport request is in the import buffer for the production system. In Customizing, you can specify that urgent changes can only be imported when the change has the status “Released for Production”. This means that the import can only take place once this status has been set, and not before.

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Example Example

Usually, after having passed the "Succesfully Tested" status, normal changes are imported into the production system. It is not possible to stop these changes from being imported into the preproduction or the production system. Using the status-dependent import function, you can add a status after the "Successfully Tested" status, for example, "Consolidated". Thus, the import into the preproduction system only takes place when normal changes are in status "Consolidated".

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You have made the settings in Customizing under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Extended Configuration   Specify Transport Request Import Strategy   .

If you make no settings, all released transport requests for a change document are imported, independently of their status.


  • You can only import a transport request when the change document has a specified status.

    Example Example

    You can specify, for example, the following:

    • Transport requests for normal changes can only be imported when the change has the status “Successfully Tested”.

    • Transport requests for urgent changes can only be imported when the change has the status “Authorized for Production”.

    • Transport requests for test messages can only be imported when the message has the status “Confirmed”.

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  • You can specify in Customizing, per project, system, system role and transaction type, whether and how status-dependent imports are possible.