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Background documentationAutomatic Character Set Conversion with R3trans  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The character set conversion is automatically converted for transports between R/3 Systems with different code pages.

You can also use this R3trans function separately. For example, this is a good supplement to your own migration and conversion programs because they are independent of different character sets in the different R/3 systems.

The only prerequisite is that the file you create corresponds to the R/3 transport format. You can then convert the file to another character set with R3trans and continue processing the file with your own program. As a side effect, packed fields are converted into a valid R/3 presentation.

Use the following control file for this task:

input file =...
output file =...

If you omit one or both of the file specifications, trans.dat is used by default at the relevant point. If your operating system allows reading and writing of the same file, input and output files can be identical. This is the case in UNIX and Windows systems.

The call R3trans -c <file1> <file2> does the same job.


The character set conversion is currently implemented so that data is always converted into the character set that is valid on the operating system in which R3trans is running. The conversion must therefore always run on the target computer.



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