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Syntax documentationCalling R3trans  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Call R3trans as follows:

R3trans [<options>]<control file>

IBM eServer iSeries:       R3trans ‘[<options>]<control file>‘

The control file specifies the individual actions.

Options for Calling R3trans

You can specify the following options for calling R3trans:

      -c <f1> [<f2>] Conversion

Copies file <f1> to file <f2> by converting the character set to the local character set. If <f2> is omitted, R3trans copies to trans.dat (see Automatic Character Set Conversion with R3trans).

      -d DB connect

Check if connect to database is possible and if the ABAP Dictionary is available.

      -i <file> direct import from data file without specifying a control file (see Import)

      -l <file> Output of a table of contents to the log file

      -n Brief information about new features of R3trans not yet documented

      -t Test mode All modifications in the database are rolled back.

      -u <int> Unconditional mode This option invalidates the rules of the correction and transport system. Each mode can be concatenated (for example -u 12).

      -v Verbose mode

Writes dots to <stdout> and writes additional details to the log file.

      -w <file>

The transport log is written to this file. The default file is trans.log in the current directory.

      -x Check whether connection to database can be made




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