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On the basis of the logical components for the PI Content product instance, you receive a list of process integration scenarios and available actions. You can add these actions, which contain individual functions of SAP applications, to business processes or process step levels.


Adding Service Interfaces from the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

You can select predefined interfaces and add them as an interface scenario.

  1. Select the interface scenario in the project or solution structure to which you would like to add defined service interfaces.

  2. Choose   ESR Objects   New   Add Interface from ESR  .

    The available service interfaces for the logical components of existing PI servers appear in a list, sorted by software component version.

  3. Select the desired interface and confirm.

  4. Enhance the logical components that are linked by the interface.

  5. Specify which interface technology the function requires.

  6. Confirm.

Assigning Actions
  1. In the project or solution structure, navigate to the desired hierarchy level where you would like to insert the action connections.

    • Business scenario

    • Business process

    • Process step

  2. Choose   ESR Objects   New   Transfer Action Connection as <Step or Process>  .

    The available actions for the logical components of existing PI servers appear in a list, sorted by process integration scenario and corresponding software component version. The different views are selectable instances of the same scenario.

  3. Select the desired actions and confirm.

  4. Assign the logical components in the SAP Solution Manager System to the software component version that is defined for an action. You can restrict the selection options to the project or solution landscape or expand it to include all components.

    The corresponding software component version must be an element of the product instance and the respected product version that is defined for the selected logical component. If you select a logical component that is not available, this is automatically added to the project or solution landscape.

    For the case that you select actions within a process integration scenario that belong to different SAP applications and between which mapping exists, an additional mapping step is created automatically that assigns the logical components to the PI Content product instance.

  5. Confirm.

  6. Assign an interface scenario to the actions.

    If you first have to create an interface scenario, proceed as follows:

    1. Choose Create New Interface Scenario.

    2. Specify a name.

    3. Assign the interface scenario to the interfaces.

    4. Specify which interface technology the function requires.

  7. Confirm.


The assigned actions appear at the intended position in the structure hierarchy. The assigned interfaces are stored under interface scenarios. You can display the enhanced business process graphic on the Component view tab page.