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The Agent Administration offers the following options:

  • Display all connected diagnostics agents and their statuses when you set up a new managed system and want to verify that a diagnostics agent is correctly assigned to the managed system

  • Identify and reboot diagnostics agents that are offline, for example if connection failures have occurred.

Example Example

When you set up a new managed system, you have to assign a diagnostics agent to the system. To verify if the diagnostics agent is running, you display the diagnostics agents and check their status.

End of the example.


  • You have started the Agent Administration. For more information, see Starting the Agent Administration.

  • You have authorization for the host system.

  • On the Agents tab page, you have chosen the context menu icon of the diagnostics agent.


  • To identify diagnostics agents that are offline, choose Show offline agents.

    Diagnostics agents that are offline are marked gray.

  • To display the diagnostics agent log file and identify the possible reason why a diagnostics agent is offline, choose the Full Host Name.

  • To reboot diagnostics agent, do the following:

    • If the diagnostics agent is online, choose Reboot Agent.

    • If the diagnostics agent is offline and cannot be rebooted, choose   SAP Management Console   Restart Agent Process  .

      Note Note

      To restart a diagnostics agent, operating system authorization is required.

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  • To display the time when diagnostics agents were last online, choose More Details.