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On the tab page Execution, you can specify how you want the transport control program tp to start:

If you want the dialog or background process to wait until the import has been completely performed by tp, choose this option. It is useful, for example, if subsequent actions are to be performed in the system after the import. If you schedule the import to run synchronously in the background, the background job, which performs the subsequent actions, can wait until the end of the import.


A dialog process or background process is blocked until the import has ended.

If you want to release the dialog or background process after the transport control program has been started, choose this option. It is useful if there are a lot of requests waiting for import, which would make the import take a long time. After tp has been started by the dialog or background process on the operating system level, the SAP process ends and tp imports the requests. To monitor the progress of the import, use the Import Monitor.



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