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The import overview can quickly become very complicated if a domain contains a large number of systems, or if the overview involves multiple domains. A particular user may only be interested in a certain group of systems (for example, an administrator may only make imports for certain systems). To help these users, you have the option of reducing the import overview to a predefined group of systems.


To create a system list:

  1. Log on to the domain controller.
  2. Call Transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview ® Systems. The system overview appears.
  4. Choose Goto ® System lists. The screen Display View "TMS System Lists": Overview appears.
  5. Choose Display Change.
  6. Choose New entries.
  7. Enter the name and a description for the new system list.
  8. Select the new entry.
  9. On the left of the screen, choose the node Systems/Clients. The screen Change View "Systems/Clients": Overview appears.
  10. Choose New entries.
  11. Enter the systems you are interested in and save.


Note that the Client column is not currently used.

  1. To exit this screen, choose Table view Exit.
  1. Distribute the configuration immediately, so that you can use the system list in all your systems. To do this, go to the system overview and choose Extras Distribute and activate configuration.


You do not need to distribute the configuration if you only want to use the system list in the controller system. System lists are distributed automatically when you distribute changes to the TMS configuration.


You have created a system list that you can select in the personal settings in the import overview.