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In the Landscape assignment block, you can use various functions in conjunction with the ABAP and Java systems connected. The assignment block is available in change documents and change cycles.


  • Display the systems relevant for the current status. If the change document has the status “In Development”, for example, only the development system is displayed.

  • Display all systems in the system landscape. The system relevant for the current status is displayed by default. If you choose Show all Systems, all systems are displayed.

  • Log on to a connected system

  • Display current information about the transport requests of the change document or change cycle:

    • Transport status: A transport request can have the following status, depending on the system type: Released, partially released, imported, partially imported, in the buffer, partially in the buffer.

      Note Note

      The transport status is only displayed in change documents.

      End of the note.
    • Risk status: The transport status is displayed as a symbol, depending on the status of the change document or change cycle, and the system role.

    • Transport risks: There is a link to an overview of the transport risks. You can show further risk details, for example a description of the risk, and the transport request.

      The following transport risks can be displayed:

      Transport Risk Type


      Transport error (return code ≥ 8)

      If an error occurs when importing a transport request, the transport error is reported as a transport risk for this target system.

      Open transports

      If a transport request is not released, it is reported as an open transport for the source system.

      Missing transports

      This applies only to released transport requests. Released transport requests are reported as missing transports for a target system if the transport request is to be imported into this system, but has not yet been imported. Missing transports are calculated for the respective system track, but are not reported for the source system.

      Synchronization errors

      Refers to transports that did not run synchronously (for example, synchronization errors in projects with more than one export system)

    • You can specify which symbols are displayed for which transport risk, depending on the transaction type, system role and status. See SAP Note 1706529 for more information.