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You have distributed customizing in your system landscape and want to check in the logs whether the distribution was successful.


You are in the Customizing Distribution setup.


Select logs



       1.      Choose Goto Distribution Logs or call the transaction scdt_log.

The system displays the Customizing Distribution Log Selection dialog screen.

       2.      You can restrict the log selection with one or more selection conditions.

       3.      You can set the flag that only logs since the last complete distribution are displayed.


You should set the flag. A successful, complete distribution of a transport request usually makes older logs obsolete. The overall status of a distribution in the log overview structure reflects the worst individual result of all displayed logs. If you display the obsolete logs, they affect the overall status of the distribution in the log overview. So the overall status can be 'error', although all objects have been distributed successfully by a more recent distribution in the meantime.

       4.      Choose Display Logs by Selection or Only Display Logs with Errors.

The system lists all logs in your selection.


You can skip the Customizing Distribution Log Selection dialog screen next time you call the logs, if you set the corresponding flag. You can change the settings again later with Edit Options.

Display log


       1.      To find individual logs for a date, navigate through the structure in the left-hand frame.

       2.      Double-click on the date in the left-hand frame.

The system displays all messages in the log, in the right-hand frame.

       3.      Proceed as follows:

       To display the message long text, click on the question mark after a message.


You can find Customizing Distribution logs which are not assigned to a project with *.

       To display the logs for all target systems into which the customizing in a transport request or an initial distribution has been distributed, choose Display Associated Logs.

       To display the activation logs of a Business Configuration Set which was activated for a Customizing Distribution, choose Display BC Set Activation Log.

Reload log

      To reload one log, select it and choose Reload Log.

      To display logs which have been generated in the meantime, choose Load New Logs.


When you load new logs, logs which are already displayed are not refreshed, even if they have been changed.

      To reload all logs and load any additional logs, choose Refresh All.


You have displayed the logs. You can now:

      Manually redistribute the Customizing for a transport request

      delete several logs with Goto Delete Logs.


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