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For a short introduction on how to use the Transport Organizer Tools, see Transport Organizer Tools in the section Change and Transport System - Overview.

The tools are subdivided into areas:

Use this program to search for objects in requests/tasks.

Enter a request or task here, and you can display the request header and the objects in the request. The information displayed for each object includes its object directory entry, package, original system and person responsible.

Use this program to select objects and include them (or a subset of them) in a request.

This program finds standard SAP objects that have been modified in a customer system.

Use this program to generate a list of all customer objects in the current SAP System.

Use this program to:

This selects all objects for which the repair flag is set. If the repair flag is set, the object cannot be overwritten by an import.

Use this program to maintain the package and person responsible for objects in the object directory.

Use this program to change the package and person responsible for objects in a request.

Use this program to change the persons responsible in the object directory. The entries you change are included in a change request.

Use this program to search for requests and tasks according to different criteria (such as owner, status, request type) and display them in a hierarchical list. You can edit the requests from this list, as you can in the Transport Organizer.

Use this program to take object lists from selected requests, sort and compress the objects, and place them in a new request.

Use this program to unlock objects in a request or task.


Careless use of this function may lead to inconsistencies in the target system. First read the documentation on this program in the SAP System.

This program enables you to reset changes made to object attributes that were made when a relocation transport was released.


To use the following tools, you require the administration authorization in the Change and Transport System.

The system change option determines which objects of the ABAP Workbench can be changed with the Transport Organizer in the current SAP System.

Use this program to create new namespaces, and display or change the attributes of existing namespaces.

Calls extended table maintenance for naming conventions.

Use this program to display, create and change reserved naming conventions in the ABAP Workbench.

Use this program to maintain the global Customizing settings for the Transport Organizer for the areas Transport error at logon, Check objects at request release, Check existence of task documentation and Release request in the background.

You can use this program to display or change request attributes, and define new attributes.

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