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Procedure documentation Creating a Request in the Transport Organizer  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You are in the initial screen or the request overview of the Transport Organizer.


To create a request, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Request/task ® Create.
  2. Note

    In the request overview you can position the cursor on a project, a request or a request type. The system automatically saves the appropriate attributes.

  3. In the Create request dialog box, select a request type and choose Copy.
  4. Enter a short description that will help you find your change requests again.
  5. Note

    Enter a short text for the request that indicates the project it belongs to. (Example: FI/CO Customizing).

  6. If several users are to work on this request, enter their user names.
  7. Save your entries.


The change request is now available for further work.


You can also create change requests directly when editing objects. For more information, see Creating a Request by Editing an Object.