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You can use this request type to set up your own object lists and save them under a name of your choice.


The first three characters must not be “SAP”, the fourth character must not be “K”.

You can use these piece lists as a template for the function Request Object list Include objects. The Include Objects in Request <Request Number> dialog box appears.

Piece lists have the following attributes:

     You cannot release them; this also means that you cannot transport them.

     They have an object directory entry and are therefore assigned to a package.

They have the same transport attributes as all objects in this package.

     If you have assigned the piece list to a transportable package, then when you make changes to the piece list the entry LIMU COMM <piece list name> is made in your current change request.

     After the change request has been imported, the piece list is also in the target system of the request; however, the objects entered in the piece list are not automatically included in the transport.



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