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Change requests are managed by the Transport Organizer. Changes to Repository and Customizing objects are recorded in change requests.

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So that you can differentiate between global changes to the system and client-specific Customizing settings, the CTS records your changes in either a Workbench request or a Customizing request:

When you change a Repository object of the ABAP Workbench, a query window appears in which you need to specify a Workbench request. You can only save the changes if you have assigned the object to a change request.

Workbench requests and the tasks assigned to them are normally used to record changes to Repository objects and Customizing for all clients. However, you can also include client-specific Customizing.

Whether the changes to Repository objects are transported depends on whether a transport route is defined from the current SAP System for the package of these objects. From the system settings, the system automatically determines whether the change requests are transportable and to which target system they should be transported.

Customizing requests record client-specific Customizing settings made in a single client (the source client of the request).

Automatic recording of configuration activities in the Customizing work for a client can be activated or deactivated for each client with Client Control. If automatic recording is active, a query window appears when you change Customizing settings, asking you to specify a Customizing request.

Whether Customizing requests are transported or not, does not depend on the objects entered, as is the case with Workbench change requests. The Customizing requests in an SAP System (or in a client if you use Extended Transport Control) are either all transportable or all local, depending on the system setting. The system uses the standard transport layer to determine automatically whether the change requests are transportable and to which target system they should be transported. However, you can change this manually.

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