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You call the initial screen of the Transport Organizer with Transaction SE09 or SE10. You can also access the request overview of the Transport Organizer from all ABAP Workbench transactions by choosing Environment ® Transport Organizer (Requests).

The Display function lets you search for all requests that belong to the specified user and match the standard selection criteria set. You can change the standard selection as required.

The status selection for requests is used by default for the task selection. However, you can change this by going to the initial screen and choosing Settings Other settings.


Tasks that are not assigned to a request can no longer be created. This means that these tasks are no longer displayed as standard. If you still own tasks of this type, use the request search to display them.

The right side of the initial screen shows you cross-system information on the status of transports and repairs, and also lets you display the transport proposal inbox of the transport workflow.

You can find various tools for searching for, analyzing, and managing change requests by choosing Goto ® Transport Organizer tools.