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The display mode of the ABAP Editor is used to display versions. You cannot, however, change versions here.

Using the editing functions such as the clipboard, you can copy a previous version, or parts of it, to another window.


This display compares two different versions that have some coding different and some identical.

The Settings function lets you choose the following layouts for the display:

Blocks with identical, changed, inserted, or deleted lines are shown below each other.

The two versions are shown next to each other. The lines that differ are shown in color.

Both versions are displayed in full.

Longer blocks with identical lines are shortened. Lines of programming that differ are displayed in full.

Only the lines of programming that differ are displayed.

You can choose whether you want to show or hide the line numbers. This is particularly useful for making the parallel display more concise.

You can choose whether you want to ignore differences in comments or indentations in the comparison.


The way in which the Retrieve function works depends on the object type: