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Version Management

You can use version management to compare two versions of a Repository object, and display old versions of objects.

You can access version management whenever you are maintaining an object by choosing Utilities Versions Version management.

You can also access version management from the Transport Organizer (Transaction SE09):

Choose Environment Version management. An overview of versionable objects appears. You can display individual object types and search for particular objects.

Position the cursor on an object in the object list of a task or request and choose Object ® Versions.

The version display is object-specific and is similar to the display used in normal object maintenance. Object versions can therefore be easily recognized.

Version Overview

The version overview shows the versions stored in the development database (Repository), as well as the historical versions stored in the version database. Both areas can be empty, such as in the following situations:

Active and/or revised versions are stored in the development database.

The version overview also provides information on the time and release level when the versions were created.

If a transport request is specified for a version in the version database, this version corresponds to the state of the object


If a request is specified for an active or revised version, the object is currently being edited in connection with this request, or has been imported with the specified request.

The Cat column in the version overview specifies the reason why the version was created. The following values are possible:



" "

Version created when request was released


Version created during import


Version created due to a system request (for example, for a backup copy before inclusion in a correction or repair)


Version was created due to a user request (as an intermediate version) at some point in time.
When the request is released, these versions are deleted and replaced by
a " " version.


The Fla column in the version overview specifies how the version is flagged. The following values are possible:



" "

No special flag exists


The version last created is not the active version, since the active version was overwritten by an import


In the version overview, you can choose the following functions:

Versions are displayed and compared in object-specific screens.