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The authorization for accessing version management is covered by the authorizations for the ABAP Workbench and the Transport Organizer. It is only for the remote comparison with other SAP Systems that you require a special authorization.

To compare versions of with a remote system, use the user TMSADM, delivered by SAP. This user requires the authorization S_TMSADM_SHO (display authorization for Repository objects) in the remote system. This authorization is in the SAP authorization profile S_A.TMSADM of the user TMSADM.

If the user TMSADM does not have this authorization, then a logon screen appears when you use the remote version comparison. You can enter user and password on this screen. The user that you enter must have the authorization for displaying Repository objects. Otherwise the SAP System rejects the remote comparison.

The user SAPCPIC is used for the remote comparison with SAP Systems which have a release prior to 4.5A. The calling SAP System must have an RFC destination, in which the user is SAPCPIC is entered with the corresponding password.

This user requires the authorization S_RFC_VERS in the target system. This authorization is delivered by SAP in the authorization profile S_A.CPIC of the user SAPCPIC.

If you want to prevent a remote version comparison with a particular SAP System, then delete the authorization S_TMSADM_SHO from the profile S_A.TMSADM and the authorization S_RFC_VERS from the profile S_A.CPIC in the system in question.

To allow the remote comparison again, just add these authorizations to the appropriate profiles.