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Procedure documentation Creating Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

  1. In an editor of the ABAP Workbench, choose Create.
  2. Give the object a name and maintain its object attributes.
  3. When you save the object, the dialog box Create Object Directory Entry appears. Use one of the following functions to assign the object to a package:

The package determines the type of change request that the object will be included in:

The Transport Organizer does not record changes to local objects. They are consequently not protected against changes by other users and are not transported to other SAP Systems.

  1. Enter the object in another request.

After you have assigned a package in which changes are recorded, a dialog box appears that prompts you to enter a change request.

When you choose Own requests you go to the Request Overview of the Transport Organizer. It shows a hierarchical list of the change requests that you are working on. You can only select change requests that can be used for recording changes. This is because of the package assignment of the object.

Select a change request by double-clicking the appropriate line.

If you are not involved in work on any appropriate change request, you can create a new request in the hierarchical list or, alternatively, choose Create request in the dialog box that prompts you to specify a request.

Enter a short description that uniquely identifies the change request in your development project. This makes it easier to find your request in the hierarchical list.

Choose Continue to edit the object.