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As well as the existing view maintenance with V_TRESN, you can also use the simplified CTSRESNAME view maintenance.

The SAP System now offers you view maintenance with CTSRESNAME as a default- This lets you maintain naming conventions for all object types for development namespaces in the ABAP Workbench (see Reservation in Development Namespaces). You do not need special knowledge about the transport object types (PGMID, OBJECT) for this maintenance. Cross-object type reservations make it easier to organize development work distributed across multiple SAP Systems within a namespace, since only one entry is made and distributed for each project (package).

However, due to the required name lengths, the check on cross-object type reservations can only be made for namespace-compliant object types. This means that you can only use the new view maintenance for development namespaces (with reserved namespace prefix). You can only use object type-specific view maintenance to reserve naming conventions for the general customer name range Y*/Z* (see Reservation in the General Customer Name Range).