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Background documentation Protection of Naming Conventions in the ABAP Workbench  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The protection of naming conventions in the ABAP Workbench is based on the assignment of a convention to a package.

If a developer wants to assign an object he or she has created with this naming convention to a package other than the one you have specified, then the Transport Organizer prevents him or her from creating this object.

The start of an objectís name defines which naming convention it belongs to in the ABAP Workbench. There are no other conventions.


You are developing in the SAP System DA1 for a project within the package ZPROJECT1. You have chosen the naming convention ZPROJ1 for this project and maintained it in all your development systems. A developer in the SAP System DB2, working on another project within another package, now tries to create a program with the name ZPROJ1PROGRAM. The developer is told that this name is reserved for the package ZPROJECT1. The developer is prevented from assigning the object to another package. The developer has to choose a different name to assign the object to his package. This avoids naming conflicts right from the start when objects are created.

For complete naming protection, you must reserve the naming conventions in all of your development systems and enter them for all object types you require as part of your project.