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As long as you carry out your development work in an SAP System, the object directory of the SAP System makes sure that each object name can only be used once for a particular object type.

Once you distribute your development work to multiple SAP Systems, however, there is a risk that different objects with the same object type will be created in different SAP Systems under the same name.

It is not until these objects are transported to a common consolidation system and your development work is tested, that errors resulting from this naming conflict occur.


If you import two different objects into an SAP System under the same name, the object imported first is overwritten by the second object.

If you try to import an object into an SAP System in which you have already created another object under the same name, this object is not imported (originals are not overwritten). You find an appropriate error message in the transport log.

Because naming conflicts may not be noticed until your development work is transported, you have to resolve them at a fairly late stage by renaming objects (including all references to these objects, such as external performs, includes). To prevent this happening, you can define naming conventions, which can be stored in your development systems and monitored by the Transport Organizer. In this way, you can avoid the same names being used in a development system landscape from the very start.

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