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Procedure documentation Editing Transport Attributes of Packages  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To display or edit packages, go to the ABAP Workbench and proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Object Navigator or call Transaction SE80.

       2.      In the object list selection, choose Package.

       3.      Enter a package and choose Display.


If you want to create a package, first see the information about the package concept and then see the section Naming Conventions for Packages.

       4.      Double-click the name of the package.

The following package attributes appear on the right-hand side of the screen:

        Short text

When you create a new package, enter a description of the development area which you want the package to cover.

        Person responsible

This is the user who you consult about any development project being carried out in the package.

When you create a new package, your user is proposed as the person responsible.

        Application component

The packages in the SAP standard delivery are assigned to one component of the application hierarchy.

The assignment to a component is optional for your own packages.

        Package attributes

The package attributes define the position of the package within the package concept. For more information about package attributes, see Package Builder.

        Transport layer

The transport layer determines whether changes to objects in this package are recorded in local or modifiable transport requests.

If they are recorded in local requests, the changes are only effective in the current SAP System.

If they are recorded in transportable requests, the changes are transported to other SAP Systems after the request has been released. They are transported along a defined transport route that depends on the transport layer.

These attributes of the transport layer are set by the transport administrator in the transport route configuration of the Transport Management System (TMS).

When a package is created, a transport layer set in the TMS is assigned automatically by the SAP System. You can only change this transport layer with the CTS administration authorization S_CTS_ADMIN.

        Software component

Your own developments are assigned to the software component HOME.

        Recording Changes

This flag controls whether changes to objects in the package are recorded by the Transport Organizer or not. This flag is normally set automatically by the SAP System (see the section Naming Conventions for Packages).

When you save changed or newly created objects in the ABAP Workbench they are entered in a Transport Organizer change request. However such entries are only made if the packages are subject to the control of the Transport Organizer.

       5.      To switch to edit mode, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


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