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Reservation Procedure

Any customer or partner with a development system which has Release 4.0A or later can use SAP Support Portal to apply for a reservation for their own development namespace. You need to give the following information:

     Namespace name (recognizably connected to your company)

     Purpose of the namespace (for example, central group development, or the name of a planned specific enhancement to SAP)

     Installation numbers of the SAP systems in which you want to develop

Available Names

Names for namespaces are selected freely from the pool of names that have not yet been reserved and should have a recognizable reference to the company making the reservation. The names must have at least 5 characters and can be up to 10 characters long. The first and last character is a slash “/”. Names beginning with “/SAP” or “/n” (n = digit) are not available. Only individual names are given.


      Development of a specific SAP solution by the system reseller ABCD

Reserved namespace: "/ABCD/"

      SAP enhancements by SAP customer ABC123

Reserved namespace: "/ABC123/"

Licenses for Reserved Namespaces

The use of namespaces is protected by a license check in the SAP system. When you reserve a namespace, you are given the authorization to obtain namespace license keys from SAP in SAP Support Portal for installations of your customer number (and optionally also for installations of other customer numbers organizationally assigned to you). These license keys allow you to release the namespace for use.



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