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All SAP customers can use the customer name range for their development work. All SAP customers who coordinate their development work centrally and only develop for their use have enough room in the customer name range for numerous tools and enhancements (using naming conventions, if necessary).

However, if a company also has decentralized local development projects alongside the central development group it becomes more difficult to agree on and monitor naming conventions for the distribution of central development work to local offices.

When SAP partner consultants and SAP Solution Providers develop customer-specific solutions, they find it increasingly difficult to use naming conventions to avoid naming conflicts at the customer end.

To solve this problem, SAP offers its customers and partners exclusive namespaces. These are used to develop enhancements and solutions independently on the basis of SAP standard applications, and then to deliver this development work without risking naming conflicts: SAP had the following target groups in mind during the development of these namespaces:

The namespaces are not intended for:

All users of the ABAP Workbench can use the general customer name range for small and local development projects.

A namespace offers enough space for developing several different products or components on the basis of the SAP standard.

You do not need to reserve a separate namespace for each project. Organize your projects by assigning development objects to packages.

To avoid naming conflicts, even when projects are developed at different locations, you can define naming conventions and distribute them across all development systems.