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If you have just installed the system, use the role maintenance transaction to maintain authorizations.

Delivered Profiles and Authorizations

You can use the basis profiles delivered by SAP to assign your users general basis authorizations depending on their areas of responsibility.

The basis profiles are assigned these authorizations as follows:


User type (global view)

Functions in the CTS


System administrator (superuser)

System administrator



Display only



Project manager






Display only


Basis: Display only

Display only



The authorization S_CTS_ADMIN allows you to use functions that have wide-reaching effects (such as Set system change option function). Therefore, only assign this authorization to selected employees.

This user has all authorizations within the Transport Organizer, for editing requests (S_CTS_TR_ALL) as well as for the administration functions (S_CTS_ADMIN).

The administration functions include:

Project managers can perform all actions in the Transport Organizer required for development projects.

Except for client transports, they can create, edit, lock, and release all types of requests.

The authorization S_CTS_PRPS is needed so that the project manager can use CTS project functions when working with IMG Projects.

Developers can only work on developments at task level. They cannot create change requests or tasks and cannot change the owner of a request or task.

When a developer has completed his or her development work, he or she can release the task to the higher-level change request. However, the developer may not release the change request itself.

A user with this authorization can only obtain information on change requests and tasks and display corresponding logs.


The authorization concept described above lets you set up groups of users in the following way:

A project manager defines a development project. He or she creates a change request for the development work in the Transport Organizer. The project manager can then assign developers to this request, who will work on tasks within the change request.

Developers who do not have a task in a change request cannot create or change ABAP Workbench objects.

Project managers can transfer other requests and tasks to themselves with the Change owner function. They can also integrate their own change requests in one of their other change requests to combine various development projects (Merge request function).

When developers have completed their tasks, they release them to the change request. After all the tasks have been released, the project manager releases and exports the change request.