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If you have installed your SAP System as a copy of an existing SAP System then you must configure the CTS after installation.


In SAP Systems installed with R3setup from the SAP CD the basic settings for the CTS are generated during the configuration of the Transport Management System. You do not need to perform any processing after installation.

Transaction SE06 provides the following functions for processing after installation:

You must specify the installation type of the SAP System on the initial screen:

The SAP System was installed from the SAP CD using R3setup. It is assumed that the SAP System is running as a correct, delivered version. No adjustments based on corrections or repairs have been made.


If you set up an SAP System that originated from a database copy using this option, problems could arise when you upgrade the system or modify objects with the Transport Organizer.

The SAP System was created on the basis of a copy. R3setup provides utilities to do this. The SAP System needs to be assigned a new and independent role within the SAP system group or outside of it.

Before you connect the new SAP System to the SAP system group, you have to give it a name that has not yet been used in the group.


Do not use an existing system name since this could cause serious conflicts and may lead to the loss of data.