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Procedure documentationReport: Job Requests and Job Change Documents Locate this document in the navigation structure


This report shows an overview of the change requests for a job that were made in the form of change requests and change documents.


You have opened the Job Management work center.


To call up this report, you proceed as follows:

  1. In the Job Management work center, choose the Reports view, then the ABAP Reports view.

  2. In the list of reports for the Job Request Reports (CRM Web UI) Reporting, choose Report.

    A dialog box appears.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, you can also call up this analysis by choosing   Job Scheduling Management   Monitor Job Requests   (Transaction SMJOBREQ_MONITOR) in the SAP Easy Access screen.

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  3. To restrict the job requests and job change documents displayed in the results list, enter selection criteria in the dialog box.

    When entering selection criteria, you can use the input help for the individual fields.

  4. Execute the report.

    All the job requests and job change documents that match the selection criteria are displayed in the results list.

    Note Note

    You can open a job request or a job change document directly from the results list. You have the following navigation options:

    • In the results list, click on the ID of the job request or the job change document.

      The Job Request window opens with the data for the job request.

    • In the results list, double-click on an entry other than the ID of the job request or the job change document.

      The Display Job Request transaction (CRMD_UI) opens with the data of the job request.

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