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Procedure documentationSpecifying the Test Scope Based on Structure Attributes (Business Process Hierarchy Options) Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can assign structure attributes to nodes in the business process hierarchy. You can use these attributes to determine the test scope, that is, the test cases that must be executed in any case, must not be executed in any case, or should be executed preferably, irrespective of the optimization algorithm.

The nodes in the mandatory inclusion area are always included in the test scope.

The nodes in the preferential area are the first to be included in the test scope if the requirements for test coverage and time required allow this. All test coverage and effort details only affect the remaining nodes, which you did not put in the test scope because of the structure attributes or that are excluded from the test scope.

The nodes in the mandatory exclusion area are always excluded from the test scope.


You have specified attributes for object types, assigned the attributes to the object types, and, optionally, assigned a signature strategy. For more information, see the Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under   Capabilities   Implementation/Upgrade  .


  1. Show the Optimization Options display area.

  2. Choose the Options for the Business Process Hierarchy tab.

  3. Select Add Attribute.

  4. Choose the attribute by which you want to filter in the Attributes Used column.

  5. In the Attribute Value column, specify the value which the attribute must have for the system to put the associated nodes in the test scope, treat it preferentially or exclude it from the test scope.

  6. Optional: In the Value Range column, you can specify complex conditions for the attribute value.

  7. In the Area column, select whether the node with the specified attribute values is to be included in the test scope, treated preferentially, or excluded from the test scope.

  8. Choose Add Attribute Values to specify further values for the selected attribute.

    You can, for example, assign the new nodes to different areas depending on their attribute values: value 1 include in any case, value 2 treat preferentially, value 3 exclude.

  9. Choose Delete Entries to remove the selected entries from the list of attributes used.

  10. Choose Reset Values to reset the values of the selected attributes.

  11. Choose Apply.

    The test scope is indicated in the diagram under Graphical View by a light green background. The nodes added by structure attributes are separated from the remaining nodes by a black line. This line indicates the minimum test scope. You cannot change the nodes to the left of this line by clicking on a node further to the left in the diagram, or by specifying a different test coverage or time required.

  12. To remove nodes which were added by a structure attribute, with the Overwrite Coverage/Resource flag, from the test scope, you can:

    • Change structure attribute

    • Exclude node by manually overwriting the test scope

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