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You connect one or more external help desks to the SAP Solution Manager Help Desk, to have different tools for different levels of your support organization. Possible uses:

  • An external help desk of a third-party supplier is used for general IT problem messages, and the SAP Solution Manager Help Desk for the solution of SAP application problems.

  • SAP Solution Manager systems of customers of an IT service provider are connected as external help desks, to the IT service provider help desk, to be able to exchange support messages.


The SAP Solution Manager provides an interface with which you can connect one or more external help desks from third-party suppliers or other SAP Solution Manager systems help desks. You can use this interface to exchange support messages between the SAP Solution Manager Help Desk and external help desks, in both directions.

There is a technical description of the interface in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   Media Library   Technical Papers  .


  • You have configured SAP Solution Manager to connect an external help desk.

  • You have configured the SAP Solution Manager Help Desk.


WebClient UI IT Service Management

If you have connected an external help desk, you can process a message with the additional functions in the assignment block External Customer Service. For more information, see External Customer Service.

Incident Management Work Center

If you have connected an external help desk, the following additional functions are available in message processing:

  • Action functions:

    • Send to External Service Desk: Forward a message to an external help desk for processing.

    • Update in Ext. Service Desk: Refresh message in external help desk. The information is transferred, without changing the processing status.

    • Send Solution to Ext. Service Desk: Forward the message to external help desk with a proposed solution.

  • Additional status of support message in the Context tab:

    • In External Processing: The message is processed in the external help desk.

    • In Internal Processing: You process a message that was sent from an external help desk.

    • Get Proposed Solution: You have received a proposed solution from an external help desk.

    • Proposed solution sent: A proposed solution has been sent to an external help desk.

    • Confirmed: The message was confirmed, that is, closed.

Note Note

To display the number and processing status of an external support message in the SAP Solution Manager Help Desk, choose the Context tab under Transaction Data, in message processing.

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Note Note

If several external help desks are connected, you are prompted to choose the help desk to which the support message is to be sent.

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