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This task collects and sends system data that is analyzed by a service session performed in your SAP Solution Manager system or in a system at SAP. The analysis is a report that highlights potential or current issues with your system. If the session was performed at SAP, the report will be made available in the SAP Service Marketplace.

This request session data task first checks whether suitable data is already available. If suitable data is available, this data is sent. If no suitable data is available, new data is collected and sent.



To create a task to request session data:


       1.      Choose Task Create.

       2.      Choose Request session data and Continue.

       3.      Select the type of the Request session data task.

Request session data tasks are either periodic or non-periodic, depending on whether the service session is periodic or non-periodic.

Periodic Request session data tasks collect data for periodic service sessions performed in a system at SAP.

We recommend that you schedule the periodic Request session data task to run once a week.

Non-periodic test Request session data tasks are performed once for test purposes.

This test data collection is not connected to a session, it has its own session number. This test checks the quality of the session data collected before a standard session.

To perform this test, a non-periodic request session data task should be created and run immediately.

       4.      Choose Continue.

       5.      Schedule a time for the task or select Now.

Set defaultssets the time scheduled for the task to two minutes ahead, and re-reads the current task-specific settings.

Non-default collection date: For non-periodic test data collection, you can change the default date of the data to be collected. The default is the task date allocated to the data request. This determines the time frame for which data is collected.

To collect data from a different time period, set a different date from the default date. This setting is used only rarely, by SAP service engineers.

       6.      Choose the SAP RFC destination to which the session data will be sent.

For a periodic data collection, select a destination at SAP.

For non-periodic test data collection, the task will only be processed in its local system. The target RFC destination will automatically be set to NONE.

To find out whether a destination is defined, check the task-specific settings.

       7.      Choose Confirm.

You have created a new background task and its task number is displayed.

       8.      For non-periodic test tasks:

When the test is completed, check the task's detail log to see whether any errors occurred. (Double-click the Log icon for the task.) If errors occurred, check whether they are relevant to the session. If so, try to resolve them and repeat the data collection until the data collected is acceptable. Test session numbers contain the letter 'I' to distinguish them from normal session numbers.

This test session data collection does not change the original Request session data task of the standard session of the same session type.


The test session data cannot be sent to another system.


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