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Procedure documentationReleasing Transport Requests with Non-ABAP Objects Locate this document in the navigation structure


  • Dual-stack systems only: All tasks in the transport request must be released.

  • All lockable objects in the transport request must be locked.

  • The transport request has the request status Modifiable.


Procedure in Transport Organizer Web UI
  1. Select a transport request in your request list.

  2. Choose Release.

    The icon with the quick info Release Started appears next to the transport request in the request list.

  3. Choose Refresh.

    The transport request disappears from the list of modifiable requests and appears in the list of released requests.

  4. To display the object list or transport log of the released request, set the request status to Released and choose the appropriate tab page in the bottom half of the screen.

Procedure in Transport Organizer Classic UI
  1. Position the cursor on a transport request.

  2. Choose Release.


You have released the transport request. The transport program tp exports the objects in the transport request to a file in the transport directory. Once the export is successful, the transport request disappears from the transport request list and appears in the import queue of the target systems configured in the transport landscape or in the Transport Organizer Web UI in status Released.