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On this tab, you assign one or more logical components to the job documentation. You can assign the logical components directly or indirectly with the assignment of a solution.

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You can also assign job documentation from the programs for managing solutions (using transaction TA SOLMAN_DIRECTORY) and projects to the solutions and projects.

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Furthermore you can schedule system jobs included in the logical components or solution and monitor business processes.


For information on the prerequisites, see Job Documentation.


Assign a logical component to the job documentation. Proceed as follows:

  • If you only want to schedule the job, assign a logical component directly to the job documentation:

    1. Choose   Add   Logical Component  .

      A dialog box appears.

    2. Add a logical component using the input help. Choose the logical component and confirm withCopy.

      Your logical component is now displayed in the table.

    3. Save your entries.

  • If you use business process monitoring, assign a solution business process step to the job documentation:

    1. Choose   Add   Solution  .

      A dialog box appears.

      Note Note

      As you complete the input fields the system releases them.

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    2. Select an entry under Solution, and copy your selection.

    3. Select a scenario under Scenario, and copy your selection.

      You can only choose from among the scenarios in the selected solution.

    4. Select the desired process under Process, and copy your selection.

      You can only choose from among the processes in the selected solution and scenario.

    5. Select a step under Step, and copy your selection.

      You can only choose from among the steps in the selected solution, scenario, and process.

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      The system assigns the logical component automatically.

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    6. Copy your entries.

      Your solution is now displayed in the table.

    7. Save your entries.

To remove a logical component:

  1. Select a logical component.

  2. Select Remove Row.

    The logical component is removed and is no longer visible.

  3. Confirm with Remove.

  4. Save your entries.

To display the systems of a logical component, choose a row in the upper table.

  • The system displays the systems of the logical component in the lower table.

  • The system table shows, for each system, whether scheduling and monitoring are possible. The system role, and whether it is the leading role of the selected solution, is entered for each system.

To edit the job scheduling in a system:

  1. Choose a system in the lower table.

  2. Choose Scheduling.

    The system starts the job scheduling application.

To display the job monitoring configuration for a system:

  1. Select a system in the lower table which has the leading role of the solution selected in the upper table.

    Note Note

    You can only activate job monitoring for the system with the leading role of the solution.

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  2. Choose Monitoring.

    The system starts the application for configuring the monitoring object.

    For more information, see Configuring Job Monitoring.

Note Note

To copy the parameters from one system to one or more target systems, choose Copy Scheduling.

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