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The message overview gives an overview of the messages created in a test plan. Testers create messages if a test could not be performed.


  • You have created test plans in SAP Solution Manager, and testers have started to test.

  • A message system, in which testers can create messages, is connected to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • You have a user in the message system.


The message overview includes the following information:

  • Message Status

  • Message Priority

  • Reporter

  • Current Processor

  • Message Short Text

  • Test Case and Test Plan

You can perform the following actions for the messages of a test plan, in the message overview

  • Display

  • Print

  • Filter

  • Export to Office application

  • Save to a local file

  • Send by E-Mail

You can open a message by double-click to display and process it in your message system.

Note Note

If your Solution Manager message system is a basis system, process messages for which you are the processor, in transaction DNOTIFWL.

If your Solution Manager message system is a CRM system, process messages in the Support Desk.

End of the note.


  1. Start the Test Plan Management in the Test Management work center.

  2. Select a test plan and choose   Goto   Message Overview  .

    The system displays an overview of the messages for the test plan.

  3. Optional: To display further details of a message, choose the message ID.

  4. Optional: You can specify that messages assigned to a test case are continuously updated. For further information, see Update Messages Automatically or Manually.