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The task lists that are used as part of Change Request Management are always generated by the system at your request. When task lists are generated, the settings for the project in SAP Solution Manager (such as system role type, system roles, and logical systems) are taken into consideration. The tasks that are generated for each system depending on the system role type are provided by SAP in the form of Customizing. If necessary, you can change the Customizing settings under the following paths:

  •   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Extended Configuration   Schedule Manager   Define Additional Tasks for Task Lists  

  •   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Extended Configuration   Schedule Manager   Create Customer-Specific Header and Footer Tasks  

If you make changes in the Solution Manager project or in Customizing, these changes apply to all new task lists that are generated from then on.


You have generated a task list for a project.


If you have to make changes to an existing task list, there are certain constraints involved; however, these changes affect one task list only, and do not affect any future or other existing task lists.

  • You can delete tasks and task groups from a task list by using the secondary mouse button

  • You can also add tasks to a task list by using the secondary mouse button.

    Note Note

    You can develop your own task by using the template report /TMWFLOW/SCMA_REPORT_TEMPLATE. You can copy this report into your name space and adjust it to suit your needs. The report ensures that you can see the correct status, job log, and spool list in the task list, and also entries in the application log.

    End of the note.
  • You can add a whole system with all corresponding tasks to a task list. For urgent changes, for example, only those systems would appear in the task list that are actually required for transporting a transport request from the maintenance system to the production system by the quickest route possible.

    If you want to add another system (a test system or a training system, for example), that is also specified in the maintenance project of SAP Solution Manager but that has not been included in the task list, you have to choose Add System. Use the F4 help to select a system that actually exists for the corresponding project in SAP Solution Manager, and then this system is automatically inserted into the task list in the correct place. Information that is required by the system for running the corresponding programs is generated in the background.

    Note Note

    If the system contains a background program as a task, a variant that does not actually exist is displayed initially (DUMMY). Only when you save the task list does the system create a correct variant with a generated name.

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Since certain information that is required for running the programs for each task and task group is stored in the system, some of the standard functions of the Schedule Manager for Change Request Management are no longer available when you have made manual changes to a task list. The following constraints apply:

  • You can move a task within a task group, but you cannot move it to a different task group or hierarchy level.

  • You cannot create a general task group (except a task group for a system as described above).

  • You cannot copy and paste tasks and task groups.