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Whereas the central configuration, tracking, and scheduling tools of Change Request Management provide a cross-project view for system administrators, project logistics provides a project-specific view on various functions for operators.

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System administrators set up the system environment for projects; operators, on the other hand, monitor system states for one or more projects, and perform operative actions.

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  • You have generated a project cycle or a maintenance cycle for a Solution Manager project.

  • You have scheduled the data collector in the central configuration tool of Change Request Management.

  • You have been assigned the SAP_CM_OPERATOR_COMP role.


You can proceed to display various aspects of the project (and perform operative actions) by selecting the corresponding tab page:

  • Scheduling: You can display the daily overview of the task list for the selected project, schedule future tasks, and analyze previous tasks.

    For more information, see Analyzing Task Lists.

  • Tracking: You can analyze the current status of transport requests and maintenance levels for a particular project in the project landscape.

    For more information, see Tracking Changes for a Project.

  • Planning: You can view the planning phases and tasks, including their attributes, status, and description.

    For more information, see Creating a Shortcut to cProjects.

  • Project Monitor: You can display information on requests for change and change documents. The selection depends on the variant you have chosen.

    For more information, see Worklists in Change Request Management.

  • Project Structure: You can display the structure of a particular project, including the relevant transport requests and their statuses. If a cProjects plan has been assigned to the project, this is displayed as a project attribute. The change transactions for the active cycle of the project and the task list are displayed as additional project attributes.

    For more information, see Using the Project Structure Function.

  • CTS Status Switches

    For more information, see Activating CTS Status Switches.

  • System Change Options: You can display an overview of the system change options of the systems that are part of a particular project landscape.

    For more information, see Settings for Change Requests in Project Administration.

Note Note

You can decide which tab pages are displayed on the Project Logistics screen by choosing   Settings   User-Specific Settings  .

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  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/PROJ.

  2. Choose one of the projects in the list, or filter according to project types, for example, display only implementation projects, and choose the project you would like to monitor.

  3. Click the project with the secondary mouse button and choose Add to Favorites.

  4. The project has been added to your favorites. If you want to remove the project from your favorites, you click it with the secondary mouse button and choose Delete from Favorites.

  5. Choose a tab page and perform the required function.