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This component helps you to automate business processes with the following options:

  • Overview and control of all jobs of your system environment that are running in the background

    • You can document jobs completely and centrally.

    • You can manage jobs with a standardized workflow, for example.

  • Job Scheduling

    • You can import jobs from connected systems into job documentation using SAP Solution Manager.

    • You can schedule jobs from job documentation in managed systems.

  • Automatic job monitoring in the business process context

    • You can monitor jobs and see in the analyses to which business processes and business process steps the job belongs.

Additional information about the Job Scheduling Management standard is available under   SAP Support Offerings   Support Standards   Media Library   Job Scheduling Management  .

Implementation Considerations

You have made all necessary settings in Customizing of SAP Solution Manager. For more information, see   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Job Scheduling Management  .

To use the application optimally, edit the following data:

  • Job documentation is the central object of the Job Scheduling Management standard and enables you to centrally record and manage jobs in the SAP Solution Manager system.

  • Add the solutions for the background processing business processes to Solution Landscape Maintenance in SAP Solution Manager. For more information, see Defining Solutions in the Solution Directory.

  • Add the solutions for the relevant background processing business processes to Solution Landscape Maintenance (SMSY) in SAP Solution Manager.

  • Configure business process monitoring for relevant business processes and business process steps in the corresponding solutions in the SAP Solution Manager. For more information, see Business Process and Interface Monitoring.


SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduling Management provides:

  • Structured job documentation of business and technical properties

    • Documentation of a job and its steps

    • Documentation of job-automated business process steps and the corresponding system, using the logical component

    • Documentation of business requirements and priority, as well as the organization responsible

    • Documentation of scheduling restrictions, procedures in case of errors, as well as the required authorizations

    • Documentation of contact persons and responsibilities

    • Job scheduling

      • Documentation of all job scheduling parameters, supported by the automatic data transfer from connected SAP systems

      • Scheduling of jobs (according to authorizations – with or without release) centrally from the SAP Solution Manager system to connected SAP systems.

    • Job monitoring (subarea of business process monitoring)

      • Documentation of job monitoring configuration

      • Configuration of job monitoring with job documentation

        The job documentation must be assigned to a business process, and business process monitoring must be configured and active for this business process.

      • Documentation of troubleshooting procedures

      • Documentation of contact persons for scheduling, monitoring, development, and system landscape.

      • Documentation of scheduling restrictions

  • Job requests

    End-users create requests for background processing.

    For more information, see Job Requests.

The implementation of Standard Job Scheduling Management is supported by the following SAP Solution Manager applications: